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May 20, 2008

One great pot roast

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For several days, I searched the Internet looking for a new pot roast recipe. After scanning through what seemed liked hundreds of recipes, I took several and joined them together. The result was a perfect marriage of flavors. I cook this in a crock pot for 6-8 hours on low. The pot roast ends up fork tender and fills the house with irresistible aromas. Sorry no pictures just yet. I will make it again soon and entice you with beautiful pics.


Tara’s Special Pot Roast
3-5 lbs. pork roast or tenderloin(you can also use beef)
1 can condensed cream of mushroom soup
1 can condensed cream of chicken soup
1 tbsp beef bouillon base
1 can sliced mushrooms
Worcestershire sauce
black pepper
garlic powder
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1.  Coat the meat with garlic power and fresh ground black pepper
2.  Heat frying pan on med-high and add olive oil
3.  Fry the meat for a few minutes on each side to form a golden crust
4.  Meanwhile, mix cream soups, mushrooms, a few dashes of Worcestershire, bouillon base, black pepper, and garlic in crock pot. Use as little or as much of the garlic as you desire. I tend to use quite a bit.
5.  Place the golden pork roast/tenderloin in the crock pot.
6.  Cook on low for 6-8 hours. Stir after a few hours to make sure all of the meat is covered in the ooey-gooey rich sauce.

I like to serve this over buttered egg noodles or homemade mashed potatoes. Yum-yum-yum! This is one of our favorite dishes. If you are only cooking for two, then there will be plenty left over for lunch the next day. Double the recipe if you are cooking for a small army. You may even want to double it so you have plenty of leftovers. It is even better the next day!

Now dust off that crock pot and start cooking!

Enjoy the smells,



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