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June 11, 2008

Worms, Scraps and Poo

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We have been watching the Planet Green channel on tv all weekend. I find myself inspired by the “Green” movement although I have been recycling for years. This weekend, we decided to finally go through with plans for a worm composter. I have been thinking about it since last summer. True inspiration hit me this weekend and I headed to Walmart for supplies. This composter was super easy to construct and left me with a great sense of accomplishment.


Worm  composting is a great way to recycle kitchen scraps. When food scraps are put into landfills, it takes many years for them to break down. Garbage produces unhealthy methane gas which adds to the pollution of our beautiful planet.


It is simple and cheap to compost uncooked kitchen scraps and paper products. Worms eat the scraps and discard the waste. This waste becomes a rich organic fertilizer that is a wonderful addition to any garden. The water runoff(called tea) is a great liquid fertilizer for house plants and potted flowers.


So go ahead, decrease your carbon footprint. Help the planet while producing this great fertilizer. This is how we are decreasing our impact on the environment. You can do it too!


First, I purchased 2 clear storage bins with lids and screen material.  I spray painted the top box black(it will hold the worms) so it will simulate being underground.



NC Man drilled holes into the bottom and sides of the painted box to create air circulation. He also cut the top out of one of the lids. This makes it possible for the worm  “tea” to drain. The tea makes a great fertilizer for house plants and flowers.



I then lined the black box with the screen material. This will prevent the worms from becoming curious and escaping. They really need to stay in their box so they can eat up all the kitchen scraps that we produce.



Then, I filled the box half way with shredded newspaper.



Then, it was time for food scraps and worms.



We topped of the mixture with a little water to increase the moisture content and placed the boxes under the carport to keep the temperature down.



It was that simple. We now have about 80 new pets that will produce a whole bunch of poo and poo tea for the plants.


This project was very easy and kinda fun. I only spent about $10 which is amazing. Commercial worm composters can cost from $69-$200. Check them out online.


I guess I am a worm farmer now. Give it a try. The price is great so are the rewards.


Happy farming,





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  1. I read about something similar to this a few years ago and really wanted to try it but lacked the space. Your system is smaller. Might have to do this with the kiddos when we get settled in. Fun!

    Comment by Dona — June 12, 2008 @ 4:03 pm

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