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July 9, 2008

Dead Worms

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Last week, we cleaned out the poo tea and watered the tomatoes and peppers in the garden. They are looking spectacular. I can’t wait to add more. We had about a half inch of liquid in the binand filled the rest with water. What a great fertilizer!


Yesterday, I took some food scraps out to the worm bin and noticed that the contents did not look so good. There were lots of gnats and flies and mold. I dug around for a minute and could not find any adult worms. There are plenty of little babies though.


I am pretty sure I know what happened.  After starting the bin, I did a little more research and learned that onions  and fruit peels should not go in the bin.  They change the pH of the bedding which make it impossible for the worms to survive. Well….early in the process I chopped up some green onion tops and put them in the bins. So go ahead and call me a murderer, because I am. It was an honest mistake but I feel horrible.


I add more shredded paper and some compost from the garden compost bin. The little babies seem to be thriving. I will definitely be more careful from now on.


I am researching how to compost cooked food waste. I have read not to put cooked food in with your compost bin because it attracts pests. Then what do we do with the leftovers? Any suggestions?


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