Journey toward happiness

October 31, 2008


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Zeke’s meds came in and I gave him the first shot all by myself. He was perfect and I don’t think he realized what happened. He sat, I stabbed and viola, it was over. I am so glad we do not have to hold him down like when it’s nail cutting time!

My little BIG man is becoming an adolecent. He is hyper and moody and I love it. I am really trying to enjoy this stage because I know it will end all too soon. It is a trying time but I am working hard at enjoying it while remaining stern and in control.

Happy Halloween to all!




October 13, 2008

Small list of things….

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I took Zeke to the vet a few weeks ago for allergy testing. This is the “small” list of things that he is allergic to:

Bermuda grass

Yellow pine


Box Elder

English plantain

Johnson grass


Yellowdock weed

mold mites

storage mites

dust mites

I ordered a desensitizing serum today for only $150. Great! Now we have to do shots every 4 days, then the amount of time between shots will progressivily lengthen.

Poor boy and poor me. This should be interesting.

Still in shock,


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