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March 28, 2010

Inspiration Sunday

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All the pretty colors!


March 21, 2010

My Week

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We have had an absolutely beautiful and hectic week in NC. The sun has been shining and the temperature reached 76 degrees yesterday.

We have been very busy working on the new garden in the back yard; taking 150 square feet and turning it into 2500 square feet. The area will have a veggie garden, flower garden, and fire pit. It looks like total chaos right now but,  the pay-off will be worth all the hard work!  Here is a little sneak peek of one of the miniature garden areas that we completed on Monday. We took old 4×4 posts and tree branches and cut them down for the edging. The little tree is a Rose of Sharon and that is surrounded by lilies.

Tuesday was the first soccer game of the season for NC Man’s nephew. He is so cute!

Then Wednesday, St. Patrick’s Day, was Zeke’s third birthday. I made him a doggie cake and he wore a hat as we sang “Happy Birthday”.

He really loves this cake! I make him one every year! The recipe is actually for cookies but, I just bake it all together for the cake. Here is the super easy recipe:

Baby Food Doggie Cookies

3 jars baby food, meat, beef, strained — *see Note

1/4 cup cream of wheat — *see Note
1/4 cup dry milk
Combine ingredients in bowl and mix well. Roll into small balls and
place on well-greased cookie sheet. Flatten slightly with a fork. Bake in
preheated 350 degree oven for 15 min. until brown.
Cool on wire racks and STORE IN REFRIGERATOR. Also freezes well.
NOTE: Carrot, Chicken or Beef baby food. substituting wheat germ for
cream of wheat.


The rest of the week, we have been  in the garden. We are slowly getting all the weeds and roots out.

I hope everyone else had a fun-filled week!


March 2, 2010

Tuesday’s Teaspoon

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I tried my first gluten free crackers and spread last week. The recipe is from Blaine’s Low Carb Kitchen. The crackers did not break apart very well, they were a little soft. Next time, I will let them bake longer.

The gluten eaters in my house loved the spread. We even ate it the next day with potato chips. BTW, the spread tastes better after sitting in the fridge for several hours. If you make it ahead, you might want to cut back on the red pepper flakes. They were really hot the next day.

Parmesan Crackers with Chive Spread

1 cup parmesan cheese – grated
1/4 cup soy flour
2 tbsp. olive oil
1 egg white
2 tsp. caraway seed

Chive Spread:
1 pkg. cream cheese
1/4 cup sour cream
3 tbsp. fresh chives
1 tsp. garlic powder
1 tsp. red pepper flakes
3 tsp. minced dried onions
1 tsp. grated white pepper

Cracker Preparation:(approximately 6.6 net carbs for entire batch)
Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Mix all ingredients in bowl with wooden spoon until ball forms. Cut ball in half and place each half between two pieces of greased wax paper. Roll dough with rolling pin until dough is about 9″ x 11″ in size and thin like a cracker. Remove top piece of wax paper and discard. Grease two cookie sheets and place one sheet of cracker dough on each. Make 2 crisscross lines in dough with pizza cutter or knife. Bake each sheet of cracker dough for 20-25 minutes until evenly browned and crisp. Remove from oven and peel off other piece of wax paper being careful to not break crackers. 

Spread Preparation: (approximately 15.3 net carbs for entire recipe)
In food processor grind onion, red pepper and garlic powder. Add cream cheese and sour cream and pulse until all ingredients are incorporated. Cut ends off of fresh chives and chop. Add to food processor with grated white pepper and pulse. Remove spread from processor and serve in bowl with crackers.



October 20, 2009

I’m A Slacker

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Okay, so consider me a slacker. I have had alot going on in the past few days! My ma just had a hip replacement and I have spent the last 2 days at the hospital. She comes home tomorrow and hopefully I will find time for new posts!


Please don’t forget about Breast Cancer Awareness Month! It is so important for every woman to be checked!


A little side note…… I will be in an Art Show in Greensboro, NC on Nov. 6 and will be taking all of the Garden Girl Creations shop with me. If there is anything that you have your eye on, now is the time to purchase it. It may not be available after the 6th. Thanks for all of the support!


September 29, 2009

Tuesday’s Teaspoon

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tuesday teaspoonInto making your own bags and purses? Check out this great website with free patterns and instructions.


July 7, 2009

Great Upcycle Blog

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I just saw this on Twitter: Wardrobe Refashion blog about upcycled projects. I am thinking about taking the pledge, although I am not much of a seamstress. Check it out and let me know what you think.

May 9, 2009

All eyes on Sarabee Designs

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One of my closest friends, Sarabeth has a great store on  Sarabeth spins and dyes her own yarn and even makes cute items with the yarn. She had a great idea to “Spotlight” etsy stores on her blog every Saturday. Well, I am stealing her idea and doing a spotlight on her. You can get to her store by going to  Also, check out  Sarabee Designs blog listed under my Blog Roll.il_430xN_53045377

Check out our Q & A.

1. When did you start your craft? I began knitting when I was 8, but just began dying and spinning yarn last summer.
2. How did you hear about Etsy? through random googling during bored times at work. 🙂

 3. Was Etsy your first choice or did you look at other options for a store? I originally wanted to open an actual store, but with the economy the way it is, and my husband in school and a new baby in the house… it was not good timing to try something that big… so etsy was my way to get my stuff out there and have a creative outlet.

4. What inspired you to start spinning and painting your own yarn? Painting my own yarn came through my own lust for unique yarns. From there my love for natural fibers was born (after knitting with buttery soft merino wool and luscious peace silk, you just can’t easily go back to acyrlic yarn!) and through that I wanted to learn to spin… it’s all happened quite fast!

5. What are No Pokes and how did you come up with the idea?  No Pokes are tip protectors for knitting needles. they serve a couple of purposes, it’s very easy to lose stitches when you set down a knitting project, so this helped by creating a “stopper” of sorts on the end of the needle… the second purpose (and inspiration for them!) is that knitting needles can cause bodily injury… i thought this idea up after pulling a knitting needle out of the back of a dear friend after she accidently sat on her project!! It’s funny now, but it was super scary then!!il_430xN_52821358

6. How do you find time to be a mother of three boys, a wife, and an artist? haha… good question! no, really it’s all worked out quite well. I have a studio area in my basement and I retreat there during naptimes and after the boys are in bed. I also have an incredibly supportive husband, so that helps A LOT.

7.What do you do to relax? I retreat to the shower, which with three little ones is about the only place i can find privacy in my house… also knitting and spinning are both incredibly relaxing to me, even know when I’m trying to build my shop’s inventory… so I get to work and relax at the same time.

8. What is your favorite food? that is a hard one… I’m currently really watching calories and working off some of the baby weight… so probably anything fried 🙂 seriously though I love grilling out and now that the summer is coming, I’d say grilled anything! 🙂

9. Will you share a recipe with us? Sure!! For a cool summer treat try our “Frozen Yogurt Pie”.
You will need one large container of yogurt (strawberry is our favorite)
One container of fat free cool whip
One graham cracker crust

Mix yogurt and cool whip well and pour into crust… freeze for 2-3 hours… serve… it’s light and very creamy… also extremely easy and will please a crowd on any warm day! 🙂

10. What are your plans for your store in the future? Currently I’m trying to list regularly and keep the shop “fresh”. I’m also getting ready and stocking up on inventory for my first big craft fair over Labor Day. I’m still learning about my craft and trying new things… so my plans are to keep learning and improving my yarns and to keep expanding my customer base. My dream is to bring in an actual income from this… even a small one would really be an achievement!

Thanks SB, you are always encouraging and inspiring!

Love ya,


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