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February 24, 2010

I have returned!

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So, I have been missing from the blog world for a little over a week. NC man and I took a trip back to Kentucky to visit friends and family. While there, I helped the lovely Sarabee get her Little Yarn Shop ready for the grand opening. Here is a little run-down of our trip.

Our first stop was Aunt Bea’s in Pilot Mountain, NC(Mayberry) for some delicious B-B-Q. There sauces are amazing.

The ground was still covered in snow in VA and southeastern KY. We had to travel through the Cumberland Gap because I-40 is closed down indefinitely between NC and TN.

We visited my parents and the notorious Samuel L. Yeah, I named him!

Then it I got to spend a whole day with my favorite lady, Sarabeth. Look at the black board on the right. Those are Garden Girl Creation necklaces. There are also Handpainted Scrabble Tile Pendants for sale.

We stayed busy stocking shelves and labeling items.

Yeah, we have been mistaken for sisters. SB is definitely the pretty one though. Love ya sis!

Make sure you check out Sarabee’s Little Yarn Shop online or stop by next time you are in Winchester.



May 9, 2009

All eyes on Sarabee Designs

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One of my closest friends, Sarabeth has a great store on  Sarabeth spins and dyes her own yarn and even makes cute items with the yarn. She had a great idea to “Spotlight” etsy stores on her blog every Saturday. Well, I am stealing her idea and doing a spotlight on her. You can get to her store by going to  Also, check out  Sarabee Designs blog listed under my Blog Roll.il_430xN_53045377

Check out our Q & A.

1. When did you start your craft? I began knitting when I was 8, but just began dying and spinning yarn last summer.
2. How did you hear about Etsy? through random googling during bored times at work. 🙂

 3. Was Etsy your first choice or did you look at other options for a store? I originally wanted to open an actual store, but with the economy the way it is, and my husband in school and a new baby in the house… it was not good timing to try something that big… so etsy was my way to get my stuff out there and have a creative outlet.

4. What inspired you to start spinning and painting your own yarn? Painting my own yarn came through my own lust for unique yarns. From there my love for natural fibers was born (after knitting with buttery soft merino wool and luscious peace silk, you just can’t easily go back to acyrlic yarn!) and through that I wanted to learn to spin… it’s all happened quite fast!

5. What are No Pokes and how did you come up with the idea?  No Pokes are tip protectors for knitting needles. they serve a couple of purposes, it’s very easy to lose stitches when you set down a knitting project, so this helped by creating a “stopper” of sorts on the end of the needle… the second purpose (and inspiration for them!) is that knitting needles can cause bodily injury… i thought this idea up after pulling a knitting needle out of the back of a dear friend after she accidently sat on her project!! It’s funny now, but it was super scary then!!il_430xN_52821358

6. How do you find time to be a mother of three boys, a wife, and an artist? haha… good question! no, really it’s all worked out quite well. I have a studio area in my basement and I retreat there during naptimes and after the boys are in bed. I also have an incredibly supportive husband, so that helps A LOT.

7.What do you do to relax? I retreat to the shower, which with three little ones is about the only place i can find privacy in my house… also knitting and spinning are both incredibly relaxing to me, even know when I’m trying to build my shop’s inventory… so I get to work and relax at the same time.

8. What is your favorite food? that is a hard one… I’m currently really watching calories and working off some of the baby weight… so probably anything fried 🙂 seriously though I love grilling out and now that the summer is coming, I’d say grilled anything! 🙂

9. Will you share a recipe with us? Sure!! For a cool summer treat try our “Frozen Yogurt Pie”.
You will need one large container of yogurt (strawberry is our favorite)
One container of fat free cool whip
One graham cracker crust

Mix yogurt and cool whip well and pour into crust… freeze for 2-3 hours… serve… it’s light and very creamy… also extremely easy and will please a crowd on any warm day! 🙂

10. What are your plans for your store in the future? Currently I’m trying to list regularly and keep the shop “fresh”. I’m also getting ready and stocking up on inventory for my first big craft fair over Labor Day. I’m still learning about my craft and trying new things… so my plans are to keep learning and improving my yarns and to keep expanding my customer base. My dream is to bring in an actual income from this… even a small one would really be an achievement!

Thanks SB, you are always encouraging and inspiring!

Love ya,


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